Recruitment Procedure

(a) The valued clients willing to use our services may establish contact with us either by sending a Demand Letter / order or through fax. To facility ate quick action on the demand letter / Fax it is necessary to indicate the type of workers required nature of jobs, number of workers, wages / salary, qualifications, experience and other terms and conditions of service and benefits and employer would like to offer. Specimen of Demand Letter is at Annexute-1.

(b) In the event of stamping visa in Bangladesh for the selected workers, the clients are advised to authorize us through power of Attorney to recruit workers and to apply for visa. The power of Attorney is required to be attested by the Labour Attache or any authorized officer of the Bangladesh mission in the host Country. If a Recruiting Agency of Foreign Country is willing to utilize our services for recruitment on behalf of any employer they are advised to forward to us their registration certificate. Specimen of power of Attorney is at Annexure-11

(c) Documents granting permission from the competent authority from employment of Bangladeshi workers in that country i.e visa advice / N. O.C. / Work permit are to be sent to us for facilitating prompt action on out behalf.

It is essential that the employment Agreement to be signed between the overseas employer and the agents should clearly state the following:

(i) Traveling expenses to be borne by the Foreign Employer.
(ii) Working hours as per labour laws of the host Country.
(iii) Overtime to be governed as per labour laws of the host Country.
(iv) Medical treatment should be provided by the employer for all types of worker.
(v) Food and Accommodation to be provided by the employer unskilled and semi-skilled and semi-skilled workers. Food is generally provided to the unskilled and semi-skilled group, in the absence of such facility they are to be provided with adequate food allowances / cooking facilities, mayanit be provided with accommodation and food but adequate subsidy may be provided in lieu thereof.
(vi) One day weekly holiday with pay.
(vii) Annual vacation as per labour laws of the host country,
(viii) Other conditions as per labour laws of the host country, Specimen of Employment Agreement is at Annexure-III.